Saturday, February 04, 2012

Lemme Run This One Bayou

Tomorrow's my WA open mic standup comedy debut. It's at Celtic Bayou, 7281 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE,  Redmond 98052. Show starts at 5:30 with folks from Jet City Improv, then open mic at 8.

Standup is different from humor blogging. For one thing, I'll be standing up. But then what do I know? I can't even get a definitive answer on whether it's standup or stand-up or stand up. The only thing that seems certain is I will not be performing lying down, which carries its own issues. I am one of the few people I know who has bedroom performance anxiety.

Many's the time I've suffered the embarrassment of premature punchlines. There are a few worse problems, but not many. I saw a doctor and he diagnosed ED. Entertainment Dysfunction.

He prescribed Niagara, which ensures each punchline falls just where it should. It helped a little, but it generated excess saliva which made me more anxious and resulted in premature punchline with a spit take.

At least at the show, I'll get a second chance as they will be allowing each comedian to perform twice, although at my age it takes a little longer to recover after the first one.

They do limit us to five minutes though and it usually takes me a bit longer than that to finish, so I should be good to go again in about half an hour.

UPDATE 2/6/12

Show got cancelled. Another thing in common with my love life. Hours of preparation and rehearsing, usually for nothing.

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  1. Actually, this does sound like great material for a stand up routine. You could perform while sitting in a bathtub like they do on those TV boner commercials. And while I'm at it why are the man and woman in different bathtubs. I'm a stud alright but I don't think it will reach all the way over to her tub.

  2. Good luck! I'd love to go but it's a real schlep from Connecticut. I hope taking Niagara helps. Just watch out for microphone wires and loose floorboards.

    I once took a stand up course at a New York City comedy club. Can't remember the name. All I remember. The audience was hard to see because of the lights. Maybe sunglasses would help.

  3. Well, see, whatcha do is you put your right leg out of the tub and then stick your big toe in the faucet, then....oh. Sorry. I'm channeling an old Dick Van Dyke show.  And speaking of old Dick....

  4. I wear my sunglasses at night...hmm. Catchy Lauren, but it sounds kinda familiar to me. Thanks for the good thoughts!

  5. Sorry to hear it was cancelled, bud! But I'm glad you're putting yourself back in the game...

  6. That sucks that your show got cancelled.  But stay sharp.  There will be another and you'll be fabulous!

  7. Thanks Jayne. All things in their own time....