Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing The Percentages

Do you ever get the feeling you're here for a reason and it's not trudging off to a job you hate, putting in your time, taking home your meager paycheck and spending it all by next payday?

Yep...nice hamster wheel the powers in this country have us on. Oh, we have freedom of choice. We can choose not to take the ride and live out in the fresh air. Or we can work to make someone else rich. The 99/1% thing ain't nothing new, it's just with the immediacy of social networks and the internet we hear about it all the time now.

The 1% have always run the show and they always will, because it's in their best interests to keep us working for them so we don't have time to notice we're not getting anywhere.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not bitter. No, I passed bitter years ago. Now I'm just really pissed off. All the time, which isn't good for my psyche. Or anyone who happens to get in my way. Which is pretty much everybody. I had no idea I was born to be a trained monkey. I'm pretty certain that's not my reason for being here, but I'm also pretty sure bitching about the status quo isn't the reason either.

We have more than enough to keep us occupied with Netflix and video games and Blu-Ray players and internet porn and alcohol and Facebook and Twitter and the general sense of well-being we get when we get home from the cotton fields and look around us at all the stuff.

Who the hell set this system up? Oh, right. The faceless 1%. I was going to say "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore", but you know I will. We grow up, get jobs, buy some stuff, fool around with it when we're not fooling around with each other, then get old and sick and die because we can't afford the medical care we need to live, but we're really not sure if what we've been doing is really living anyway so we're kinda okay with checking out. There's always the hope we'll get a next time and maybe we'll come back as a member of the 1%.

This is the reason we're not going to win the drug war. People need something to anesthetize them so they can keep going on, and on the supply side of things, drug dealers remain ever hopeful they'll make enough money so they can be part of the power chain too. Legal drugs are no better. Big pharma being in bed with the politicians is just as bad as a street corner pusher, but they wear nicer clothes and look respectable so they get to keep on with the program and never get arrested except developmentally.

It's all about economics. Always has been always will be. Sure we're mad and we hate things the way they are, but have you seen "The Artist", and how about Adele at the Grammys, and there's lots of movies on Netflix right now, but guess what? There's a guy in the White House who promises us it will all get better, really it will.

Excuse me. I've gotta go get ready for work.

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  1. I have always subscribed to the "economic" interpretation of history. The Trojan War had nothing to do with Helen's pretty face and everything to do with Greeks coveting Trojan shipping rights. Still, from where I sit there's only one party looking out for my interests. And it aint the party trying to convince me Mitt or Newt or Ron or Rick care what happens to me.

  2. The 1% has always been in charge but their wealth has increased dramatically over the past ten years, while the 99% bring home less cotton. Interesting how their wealth increased after the Bush tax cut became effective.

    During the Clinton years everybody did better after he raised taxes. Remember, the budget surplus? Back then, people were obsessed with blow jobs and "the meaning of the the word it." Life was so simple then.

  3. Blowjobs are INFINETELY more interesting than politics.