Friday, March 23, 2012

Caught With My Plans Down

It's amazing people in that city ever get anything done.

Lots of folks are amazed I ever get anything done. I'll let you in on my secret. I don't get anything done. To me nothing is done until it's all over, and that ain't happened yet. I have no plans to go anywhere. No chance I'm gonna go quietly into that good night. I'm a rebel. Hell, I don't even double space after a period. Talk about living on the edge.

This rebellious streak hasn't always served me well. I recall about thirty years ago when my development was arrested for loitering at a strip club, which shouldn't have surprised me. There's always a lot of busts at a strip club.

They gave him a life sentence so there's no chance he'll grow up. Was a time I thought I was a late bloomer, but that's not the case. For starters I don't have a green thumb. Add to that the fact I don't plant things ever and the only soil activity I have is when I get a sudden fright and you can see where maturing is not on the agenda.

And that's another thing about me. I don't have an agenda. Once when I was real little I remember some agenda confusion, but that worked out all right. Turns out it was Mom's agenda. Since I left home it's been no agenda. I live day to day.I don't plan, because if you don't have a plan then how can it fail? See there? I just gave you a great philosophy for living.

You're welcome.

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  1. My agenda includes reading your blog today. And after doing so I can't decide if you're a lazy bastard or a Zen master. Maybe a mix of both. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks Steven. You're right, I am a mix of both.

  3. Thanks Shelly. It was nothing. Really.

  4. man...I'd be bossing you around all over the place if you lived here!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. I do like your philosophy...sort of "que sera, whatever... "
    Yes! Show me where it's written that one must have an agenda;
    You must double space after a period; or plan (We know what happens to our best laid ones and those of mice, although I have never understood the parallel here) ...I lost my thought ... and I think that demonstrates my point here (If I have one.) Thanks for the philosophy. What shall we call it "An Essay ConcerninHumanUnder tanni.   ? " or just "Screw It!

  6. Maybe I should try your non-plan.  I'm a compulsive planner, then I get real pissy if things change.   And "maturing" is highly over-rated.  :)

  7. Thanks Count. I don't get the mouse thing either, but having never laid a mouse....nah.

  8. Tell me. Thankfully I'm in no danger. Ever.