Monday, March 05, 2012

Common Cents

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it.

Well never having been one to follow the herd, I am not going to talk about the weather.

The Chronicle doesn't have the budget, especially as here in Seattle it would require an overcast of thousands. Nope, not gonna follow the herd. I know you're surprised but you shouldn't be. That kind of behavior is not exactly unherd of around these parts, stranger.

What I will talk about is the state of the economy, which I believe is California, although things may have shifted a bit since last election. The economy is also something everybody talks about but no one ever does anything about. It may be better to think globally and act locally, but as you know, the 1% have been doing global thinking for years in an effort to give away as much of our money as possible and in the process find a good place to hide theirs.

I have also thought globally for most of my life and in a few cases even acted locally.

Julri Waters
The educational system is another gray matter entirely. Far too little has been done about the exodus of intelligent students (not an oxymoron), from the sciences. I agree that this exodus should be reversed, even though I'm not sure how much help sudoxe would actually be. If we want to attract great thinkers back to college and the sciences, we need to train more professors who look like Miss Waters. That's what I mean about thinking globally.

Of course it's also important to consider the women students as well, so you go right ahead and do that. I'll wait. I did that many years ago in the classroom. I spent many happy hours considering women students.

In summation I would like to point out the extremely shabby condition of the weather and the economy and the education in this country. I believe we should first of all stop this nonsense of pennies from heaven. That accounts for a lot of our economic woes right there, and it would go a long way toward improving the weather. Hail is one thing, rain another but when it starts pouring cents from the clouds well I say it's time to open a savings account.

Think how easy saving for a rainy day will be.

As for the lack of love for the sciences on the part of many students, I say we should start inserting subliminal messages on Jersey Shore and MythBusters. I won't go so far as suggesting Snooki become a chemistry professor, but anything that gets her off TV can't be bad.

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  1. You're so very right.

  2. Snooki- chemistry prof....hmmmm. Actually, not a bad idea!

  3. Yeah. then maybe she can explain why she's orange.

  4. I think you should run for office. I know I'd vote for anyone who could get Snooki off television. Although, being Canadian, my vote wouldn't count. I think you should do it anyway.

  5. Like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and Justin Bieber. In regard to Snooki....I just don't understand. Why?