Friday, March 09, 2012

You Talkin' To Me?

 I guess it was inevitable.

My coworker Jeff asked, "Do you remember who helped you with this item?"

"Yeah. it was the old dude with glasses." said the young woman.

Guess who she was describing?

Shut the hell up.

Okay I know I'm not a young man anymore. All I need do is look in the mirror for confirmation. All you need do is look at the picture to the left. I don't mind, because it sure in hell beats the alternative. But to be reduced to "old dude with glasses"? really. Ow. I think it may have cut even deeper because a pretty young woman said it. Right, so now you know. I'm not just an old dude. I'm a sexist old dude.

I'm at that time in life when I'm not at death's door, but I am on the porch. It's a part of life. I get that. But if people only see a bespectacled old dude, then I may be ready for the slab right now. She was rather petite as well as a terrible judge of age, so I know I'm still young enough to kick her ass.

Which I will do as soon as I finish watching this episode of The Golden Girls.

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  1. Can't outrun old age, and as you said, it sure is better that the onther option!

  2. I didn't read the whole post since I'm still trying to guess who she was describing.  Was it Jeff? No, she was talking to Jeff, so it couldn't have been him. Um... was it... um...

    You know, this would be easier if I knew the people you worked with.

  3. I can sympathize. I still turn around and look for my dad when someone calls me Mr. Hayes. If it makes you feel any better you remind me of that guy in the Dos Equis commercials--the most interesting man in the world! He doesn't seem to have trouble landing young chicks. By any chance does your mother have a tattoo on her arm that says SON?

  4. I knew I was ready for pasture the first time a cute young guy called me, "Ma'am."

  5. As a confirmed old geezer who couldn't outrun a a pair of cheap hose after three back operations, and five by-passes, and an assortment of aches and pains, I can, however, recognize others of my train-wreck status...and you're not one of them. Perhaps
    it 's the glasses. 

  6. Would you like me to fly down there and kick her ass for you Smitty? Because I totally would...

  7. based on what I know of jeff if he still wears glasses she must have used old as a descriptive term. i prefer the term well aged or mature. But meh what do I know right.

  8. I certainly can't outrun old age with these legs and lungs.

  9. My mother has a hard enough time claiming me without advertising.

  10. How would you feel about a cute old guy giving you a wolf whistle?

  11. I am all of those things. Well, maybe not mature.....