Saturday, November 03, 2012


Been blocked by a bunch of Twitterers today. Not sure why, becau-- oh wait. I was discussing politics. Bad move. The vitriol is out of control on both sides. You'd think there was an election coming up or something.

Just as well I got Twitter blocked; I spend way too much time there. I read somewhere time is the most valuable commodity we have. I am a spendthrift. Hell, it seems like just 40 years ago I was 18.

One of my first girlfriends was raised on a farm. She didn't have any brothers so she used to play football with the chickens. And the pigs, but they were more utilitarian than team fodder. She always said she loved it, especially the blocking. Yes, she was quite the cock blocker.

It is grey and raining and dark here at 4 in the afternoon. I moved yesterday, but it was only to the kitchen for a beer. I must make a longer move soon. Maybe to my neighbor's for a beer.

Archaeologists have uncovered the remnants of a little-known Aztec sect that evidently spawned the very first Mafia families. In fact, the family head, or Capo di tutti frutti was celebrated for a year, treated as supreme leader, then deCapotated and sacrificed to the god  Yacatecuhtli. This person was referred to as the Godfodder.

This marks my 5th week of unemployment. I am getting very good at it. The pay sucks but the hours are great and I love the boss. 

Him too, but I was referring to me. I am a good boss and I was born in the USA, but I am no Spring(steen) chicken.

My former girlfriend had issues with chicken football; she was always getting personal fowls.

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