Thursday, December 27, 2012

Taking Stock

I think it's time to admit it. I am a laughingstock. I'm so good at it in fact, I am readying my IPO. Naturally since it's me, Dow Jones isn't gonna do it. I shall have to offer my HumorSmith Laughingstock on the Well-Endowed Jones Above-Average Industrial Index. Truth in advertising and all that.

Being a laughingstock isn't a bad thing necessarily. I used to think it was but as I age and my ego shrinks I find it's pretty funny, which is probably ironic but as there's been an internet debate raging about the proper usage of that term, I may just call the situation amusing and leave it at that.

Before you start thinking I'm a one trick pony, I should tell you I have other business planned for HumorSmith Inc® as well. I'm in talks right now with my therapist. No, not those talks. It turns out my doc is an aspiring rap artist and I plan to sign him to HumorSmith Records®, even though there won't really be any records because I can only afford to make CDs. I have the perfect marketing plan ready for him. It'll be a whole new genre for my rapping analyst: shrink rap.

I have plans to launch a line of designer lingerie inspired by great psychiatrists. It'll be flattering to a woman's figure but not so much that she develops a superego. It'll be named "You Make Me Feel So Jung" and the first product I'm working on is a collection of Freudian slips.

I believe between Laughingstock and HumorSmith records I should be looking good in 2013. I'm also in talks with Alanis Morissette to record a song I wrote just for her called, "That's Not Ironic That's Just Amusing". What? Hey, she could use a hit about now.

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