Friday, December 07, 2012

The Pressure Principle

Everyone's writing and publishing books. The latest one is by my internet friend Rodney and it should be out soon. I really have mixed emotions about these things. Part of me hopes the books will fail miserably and part of me hopes the authors develop anal warts on their nose.

This stuff puts more pressure on me than I put on myself, and that's considerable. Now I feel like it's not enough I've been blogging for 4 years. Now I feel like I have to accomplish something. As that's nothing I've done ever, this is a hell of a realization and I hate feeling this way.

I don't need to add a book to my fail list. I've failed at radio, retail, management, comedy, singing, (all right I started that race with a severe handicap: I can't sing. At all.) sex. Wait. I'm pretty good at that. Sure, it's by myself but that counts too doesn't it?

I could totally write a book, All I would need to do is grow some talent and increase my attention span beyond gnat length. I'm not saying I'm easily distracted, but.....oh look. It's raining outside again.

Anyway, I can concentrate just fine. I simply need to make sure any project I take on lasts no longer than my average self-abuse session and is as much fun to finish. That's not asking too much is it? And in thinking over the growing talent part, well hell. Lots of talentless authors sell a bunch of books, so I don't need to develop my talent. Pfft!

I'm not by any means denigrating my fellow blogger's books, they are funny and completely deserve to sell in the tens.

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