Monday, January 14, 2013


I think my muse committed suicide. That's my theory anyway as I haven't heard anything from her of late. Of course it could be she just left me like every other woman in my life.

That's probably it. She got bored waiting around for inspiration to strike me and took off. Even though that was supposed to be her job, providing that spark that lets the words fly and take forms that please the eye and mind while leading the thoughts into realms of pith.

Which explains why I've been in such a pithy mood. Not too long ago my entire being was suffused with pith,  even my underarms. Don't look so shocked. You can't tell me you're not familiar with armpith?

It's okay she left though. You needn't pithy me, even though at first I was very pithed off. I even considered buying a pith helmet to accessorize my demeanor.

I reconsidered and decided the best way to deal with my ennui, (and with friends like my muse, who needs ennuis?) was to take a trip, so next month I'm heading to Los Angeles to get some sun and visit the La Brea Tar Pith.

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