Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is That Hortense?

Ah hell. The longer my inaction goes on the more sure I am that I don't really want to be a writer.

Hold on. Is it possible for inaction to go on? The word itself seems to indicate nothing is happening so for it to be ongoing doesn't seem right.

That discussion is one of the reasons I don't think I want to be a writer after all. I am too easily bogged down in details.

They always say you should write from the heart but I can't get past writing from the glibosity and safety of sarcasm and silliness. I also have a tendency to make up words when I need a particular tense that isn't available.

I could have used glibber but really, I don't think the sentence "...I can't get past writing from the glibber" is very attractive, and as far as proper word forms is concerned I don't think I should be tense when writing at all. True enough in the past I have been tense and occasionally in the present but the future looks good.

Not really all that sure about the present actually because it's usually wrapped and I know better than to peek.

As far as peaking that happened long ago and left me in poor condition. If you're interested one of the signs of aging in a writer is inevitably your participles start to dangle. That condition can cost you social engagements and in its most extreme cases, friends.

That's why I can't play "Words With Friends". I have none. Friends I mean. Words I have plenty of but they crouch behind walls of glib, sarcasm and silliness.

Now if you'll excuse me it's that time of year again and I feel the government wants more of my money. The joke's on them though because I have none of that either. Profligate living and frequent bouts of unemployment have seen to that.

I'm having my taxes done by pros on the barter system. My guys say if I promise not to write any more blogs like today's, they'll prep my taxes for free. I highly recommend these guys by the way. You've probably seen their ads:

"No one can get your taxes up and running like H & R Writer's Block. Since you can't write why not come see us today and at least you'll have accomplished something."

Hey I forgot all about Valentine's Day! 

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  1. Get writing again! What do you have to lose?