Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hell To The Chief

I've been wondering lately if the world is still funny or I'm not so much anymore. I have been finding it more difficult to laugh recently but that may be because I am just grumpy.

First we have a denizen in the White House who ignores all the bad things that have happened under his watch, but by god if you're brave enough to come out of the closet or if a right-wing talk show host calls you a slut he's on the phone to you immediately, offering sympathy or congratulations.

If there's a tragic shooting that goes to trial and receives an unpopular verdict what does the Commander in Dunce do? Why instead of trying to bring the people of this country back together he agrees that it was the wrong verdict and also says the Black victim could have been him. WTF?

There is probably more divisiveness in America now than ever before, this shooting and trial caused rancor between Blacks and Whites and instead of making an effort to calm the situation this goober says the dead Black man "Could have been me". Take a second to let that sink in.

Is that presidential? Is that helpful? Is that smart? The guy's a huckster and a racist and an imbecile. And yet all we hear from the media and the liberals is "Things are bad in this country because Bush."

Horseshit. Things are bad in this country because lots of people are unemployed, Obamacare is decreasing hours and driving some businesses out of business and no one seems to give a crap because racism and the leader of the "free stuff" world would rather talk about anything else than the problems we face because after all there is an "ocean of tomorrows" for us all.

All of this is funny but in a bad way like when your brakes stop working on a mountain road and you soil yourself in terror. Right now America is soiling itself and I wish it would stop before someone wraps a Depends around the Equator.

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