Friday, November 01, 2013

Base Instinct

Wow. I have been away for a bit but now I feel compelled to write something. Mostly because the nice lady I met at the bar said she might have a woman for me and I know.

Don't wanna say it's been a while but it has. I got dust in places a man ought not to have dust.

I'm not even sure I remember the rules of dating. There are rules right? Do people still run the bases? Is second base still a destination?

The nice lady said her friend was looking for someone with a sense of humor. Why she thought I'd be a good fit is baffling. I do admit sometimes I get laughs but they don't always occur when I want. Face it there are times when a guy doesn't want laughter at all.

Like when I'm tossing the salad (not a euphemism) and she cracks up over my "cute little wiggle" as I hoist the tongs. Wiggle? What am I a rabbit?

In her mind suddenly I'm a little bunny. That's not a good time for laughter. What's sexy about a bunny?

Yeah that figures. Why am I not surprised you went there?

Honestly sometimes there's just no talking to you people. I say bunny so you automatically think about scantily clad women.

Not appropriate.

Not until at least fourth base.

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  1. No one ever said dating was easy. Take your time is the best advice I have. Good luck!

  2. Relax and just have fun. She's probably more worried about this than you are.

  3. Thanks Jayne, but as an invertebrate worrier I think I have her beat. Um wait. Did I just say I'm spineless? Well okay maybe just a little.

  4. Thank you Margo. Welcome back! How have you been? Oh I know dating isn't easy, but I am. :)